Boxed Life is Strange gets goodies, everyone gets better lip-syncing

Life is Strange is out on store shelves in the UK today, and it has a couple treats for fans: specifically, a 32-page artbook and a copy of the game's soundtrack. And while those physical goodies are exclusive to Limited Edition boxed copies, everyone gets to enjoy director's commentary via a free download, and improved lip-syncing thanks to a recent patch.

If you've missed out on all the hubbub surrounding Life is Strange, here's the gist: you are Max, an introverted high school student who excels in photography class … and time travel. The rich kid is threatening you, the cool kids are being total pricks, your friend from years ago has come back into your life, and one of your schoolmates has gone missing. You know, typical teenager stuff.

Its stirring tale of friendship and mystery earned it third place in the Best Story category at the Golden Joystick Awards and publisher Square Enix is also using the game as a way to fight bullying. As for the development studio, its next game is about vampires during the 1918 London flu epidemic. Sure. That's a logical transition from teen drama.

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Sam Prell

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