Box Score: The Podcast 006 Parts 1 and 2

In our sixth episode of Box Score, we have a special two-parter for our huge racing game retrospective!

In the first part, Richard Grisham talks to former games journalist, current game developer, and racing game expert Greg Sewart about the history of racing games. Sewart comes by his expertise honestly, as many in his family have hopped behind the wheel and put pedal to the metal. You can listen to it here:

Richard Grisham picks up the second half of his talk with Greg Sewart about racing games from the past, present, and future. They two get into Forza vs Gran Turismo, mobile and handheld racing, the struggles of the NASCAR brand in games, the future of the genre, and more.

Kick back and enjoy!


Post Date: 3/29/2012

Podcast length: Part 1: 36:10 | Part 2: 52:37

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