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Box Art F'ups

Derp! Ready the eBay accounts, cause that company that prints game box art- Acme Video Game Box Art Co. Inc. Ltd. we believe they’re called - pulled a gargantuan boner and misprinted a shitload of our favorite titles. We don’t mean to call them out, but we can’t allow the public to be misled.

No, we didn’t make these, and frankly we resent the implication. We swear upon thefangs of ourtenaciouslegal team: These images were not concocted by our clever art team, and this article is in no way intended as parody.*

Above: Remember -this is a printing error and by no means a threat to the well-being of these adorable newlyweds

Above: Would it surprise anyone if they were actually making this?

Above: Git R Dun...Rong!

*Written in compliance with the strictly defined parameters afforded to us by the nationally recognized, Opposite Day. Total parody, bitches.