36 little details you missed in the Borderlands 3 trailer that every Vault Hunter needs to see

19. Goliaths might have pink hair now

It might be the spinning Ferris wheel in the background that grabbed your attention at 2:22, but look to the foreground and you can see what looks like a Goliath… with long pink hair! That's rad and you know it is. You’ll remember the Goliaths from Borderlands 2 as the enemies that morphed into stronger, angrier versions of themselves if they took too much damage. To be honest, the thought of one running towards me with bright pink hair is just so on point for the whole Borderlands aesthetic and I just can't wait to see more of them in action. 

20. This could be your main settlement

With innuendos like “layin' pipe”, “fill ‘er up”, and “full service” found enblazened on this wall of cars, chances are that Mad Moxxi can’t be very far away. She tends to have her bars in civilised areas, and there is every chance that this could be one of the main settlements for us to settle into in Borderlands 3. Look in the background too and you’ll see a Quick Change station – traditionally used in Borderlands to let you change and alter your character's appearance. As these are usually found in safe towns and cities, I’m now practically certain that behind that wall of cars is a bustling town just begging to be explored.

21. This is probably an NPC you’ll have to rescue

With a bright yellow outfit like that, this person is dressed way too snappily to be a mere grunt. If I were you, I’d start preparing myself for the inevitability of having to save them from that horrible looking spinning wheel of death. 

22. Tannis and Marcus are back too! 

Yes, the unstable scientist from Borderlands 2 is returning in Borderlands 3, and you can bet that she’ll be helping you sniff out the true purpose of the cone-shaped Eridian relic seen throughout the trailer. Just don’t underestimate her, ok? Tannis is known to walk a very thin line between being a friend and a foe. Oh, and of course Marcus is back for Borderlands 3 as well! There is, after all, still a ton of cash to be made from ripping the guns out of the hands of dead adventurers...

23. Is that Moxxi I see?

Tannis and Marcus might be the main focus of this shot at 2:47, but in the foreground that could indeed be Moxxi sauntering towards them. Fishnet stockings, a red outfit… whoever that is, she’s got all of Moxxi’s trademark visual identifiers. 

24. Vehicles are getting bonkers

So far we have spotted a car with a digger attachment, a hover car, and a motorbike with built-in guns and a wheel that goes all the way over your head. Borderlands 3 is really leaning into its vehicles this time around and, as the vehicular combat has always been one of the weaker points of the series, this change can’t come soon enough. 

25. Prepare to dodge demon skulls

I don’t know how, I don’t know when, and I definitely don’t know why, but at some point in Borderlands 3 you’ll be fighting an enemy (or a demonic defense system) that is going to shoot flaming skulls at you. Enjoy that, and remember to bring a fire extinguisher – you’re gonna need it. 

26. There’s a swamp to explore that’s home to a Skag T-rex

As well as the new cherry-blossom covered location, there’s also a boggy swamp for us Vault Hunters to explore in Borderlands 3. It looks like it has been overrun by these creepy monkey-like enemies and something that looks like a cross between a skag and a T-Rex… oh, and it can breathe fire. Because of course it can.

27. Bandits are getting futuristic

No longer do the bandits only wear ripped up hand-me-downs: This bandit is wearing a very Watchdogs-esque helmet with Xs for eyes, kind of like our old pal Wrench. Considering this fella has the same spikes on his shoulders as Tyreen – one of Borderlands 3's main villains – he could be part of their special faction, meaning that we may indeed be asked to face off against some high-tech bandits this time around, which would certainly make a nice change from shooting the same bandit models over and over again.  

28. Not everything is crummy, as this high-tech city shows

Previous Borderlands games have almost always taken us to run-down settlements. I know it’s hard to keep things tidy on dirt planets, but it did become a bit of a pattern. Well, Borderlands 3 is taking us somewhere far more modern – as evidenced at 1:41 where you can see a very slick city with big caution holograms blinking on top of its skyscrapers. It also looks like this is where you’ll be fighting those flaming skulls that I mentioned before.

29. Surprise! Demonic monsters are in that high-tech city too

Pause the trailer at 2:11 and 3:08 and you can see two, frankly, demonic monsters causing mayhem in what looks to be the sleek high-tech city that I mentioned above. How on earth do such creatures get inside something so pristine? I have no idea and I'm not sure that I want to know. They might be the result of a horrific scientific experiment. In fact, considering it looks like one of them has a shock power and the other one has, well, a skull for a face, they might have been created by Maliwan in an effort to build elemental bio-weapons. Oops. Anyway, speaking of Maliwan, that leads me nicely onto this…

30. Maliwan is yet another futuristic faction you’ll be shooting at

In Borderlands 2 you were facing off against Hyperion. This time around it’s going to be Maliwan that will prove to be your megacorporation enemies. At 2:16 you can clearly see mechs and futuristic soldiers squaring up, and all of them have that rather unmistakable giant ‘M’ stamped across their armour. Maliwan are famous for their elemental weapons, so prepare to be showered with corrosive, flaming, icy, slag, and shock bullets. In fact, you can see one of their ice soldiers in action at 2:24 while they’re firing a giant freezing cannon. Brr. Perhaps it is Maliwan that are behind the construction of this big futuristic city I keep going on about?

31. You’ll be fighting your way through churches

Swamps, cherry blossom fortresses, and a high-tech city with a kind of Cyberpunky vibe to it: Borderlands 3 is really taking us to some swell new places. But Borderlands 3 wouldn't be complete without a church now as a new location, wouldn't it? Given that it looks like you're going to be spending a lot of your time fighting the Children of the Vault – the religious cult being run by Tyreen and Troy – I'd have been a little surprised if a church wasn't a part of the equation. Skip to 1:44 and you can see our Vault Hunters running and gunning through a church. And listen, if you don’t find yourself whispering "Say your prayers" while you do this when the game is finally out then, frankly, what are you even doing with your life?

32. Ellie’s Scrap is its own settlement now

Ellie was out on her own in Borderlands 2, at the edge of a big and empty scrubland. Poor Ellie. In Borderlands 3, however, it looks like she’s got a settlement of her own – you can spot this in the background at the 1:50 mark, squint and you'll see that the shacks behind her is labelled Ellie’s Scrap Workshop. Finally, she’s getting the lovin’ she deserves! Just don’t piss her off, or she’ll squish you to death in her car crusher. 

33. Yes, of course you’ll be able to fight to the death in an arena

It wouldn’t be Borderlands without a giant, flaming, over-the-top arena to battle to the death in now, would it? The Borderlands 3 trailer doesn't disappoint in this department, as you you can spot one at 2:15 – it even has a giant Psycho head looming above it. Look past the spinning fiery saw-blades at 3:04, and you may just spot two possibly blind characters appear on the arena screens as the words ‘Let the pain and terror begin’ flash up beside them. Two mini-bosses, perhaps?

34. Yup, you’ll probably have to fight this guy

Because Borderlands 3 wouldn’t be complete without a boss that’s actually two bosses, just like Boom and Bewm from Borderlands 2. 


Need I say any more? Randomly generated, Borderlands’ obsession with guns has become one of its main selling points, and Borderlands 3 has doubled down on that formula to give you enough guns to last you a lifetime. However short and bloody that lifetime may prove to be. Plus, if that weren't enough, now a firearm on legs can follow you around the battlefield! Aww! 

36. Thank Pandora, the vending machines are back

Thankfully, our favourite vending machines are going to be returning for Borderlands 3 too! Keep your eyes locked on the background at 3:02 and you'll be able to spot one. Oh, and I am fully looking forward to hearing Marcus tell me that he doesn’t accept refunds, that tight-fisted little scoundrel. 

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