Cash in on this Borderlands 3 loot tink farm for easy Legendary drops

Borderlands 3 loot tink farm
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If you're playing the latest Gearbox game, get a load of this Borderlands 3 loot tink farm which provides utterly insane end-game legendary loot. Originally discovered by Reddit user Nordor222 and shared by our friends at PC Gamer, this farming method can net you upwards of one Legendary per minute in Borderlands 3 provided you play on Mayhem 3 difficulty and get a little lucky. Here's how it works. 

This is a straightforward farm that exploits a Loot Tink spawn in Jakob's Estate on Eden-6. One Loot Tink will always spawn in the back of the estate, and if you're playing on Mayhem 3, it will pretty much always drop three to six Legendaries, or more if you really roll high. You can still use this method even if you can't handle Mayhem 3 difficulty, but playing on Mayhem 1 or 2 will yield fewer Legendaries. 

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As shown by the image above (again, courtesy of PC Gamer), the Loot Tink is located on the western side of the map near Servant's Lift. You can sprint straight to it every time; no need to kill the Bandits along the way. Once you're there, kill the Loot Tink and open the bag it drops. It will drop a few Legendaries on its own, but the bag is where the real loot's at. Refer to this image if you're having trouble finding the Loot Tink spawn point:  

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

Once you've got your loot, just head back to the nearest fast travel point, quit to the main menu, and then jump back in. This will reset all the enemies, including the Loot Tink. You can do this as many times as you like, whether you're chasing a specific Legendary or just looking for a better roll on one of your favorites. There's no telling how long this loot farm will be around - and Gearbox has a history of squashing easy-peasy Legendary exploits like this - so get in while the getting's good. 

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