Borderlands 3 hides a Mandalorian reference in the Arms Race mode

The Mandalorian season 2 release schedule
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A reference to The Mandalorian has been uncovered in Borderlands 3.

The post below surfaced on the Borderlands subreddit just yesterday, and shows an item called Beskar. Fans of The Mandalorian might remember that this is the metallic alloy used to craft the Mandalorian's fancy armor, which the titular character obtains near the conclusion of the debut season on Disney Plus.

OKAYYY ARMS RACE...what a catch! from r/borderlands3

What's more, the item's description has a line that reads "this is the way." That's a pretty clear reference to the line that Mandalorian's say to one another as a form of code, which we've heard a fair few times now over the course of the series' two seasons.

The mode that the player obtained the Beskar item through was Arms Race, a mode that launched alongside the upgraded next-gen versions of Borderlands 3 earlier this month on November 10. Arms Race is a mode that pits one to four Vault Hunters against one hundred enemies, forcing them to stay together in an ever-shrinking circle on a map, until they can kill a climactic boss and escape with their lives and a bunch of loot. It's a little like a battle royale mode, but all the enemies are AI-controlled.

The Arms Race mode comes bundled into both the Ultimate and Next-Level versions of Borderlands 3. The Designer's Cut content is available now, and offers brand new Skill Trees for various characters, while the Director's Cut DLC won't be available until Spring 2021, but offers new missions and behind the scenes extras.

In news relating to the ongoing Star Wars TV show, the runtime for The Mandalorian episode five of season two might've just been revealed through a leak. Successive episodes of the show have been steadily getting shorter since it debuted last month, but this new episode could see a change to that.

For details on when the next episode of The Mandalorian will be launching on Disney Plus, check out The Mandalorian season 2 release schedule for more.

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