Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition releases on November 10

Borderlands 3
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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition has been announced. During today's episode of The Borderlands Show (opens in new tab), developer Gearbox confirmed a number of changes coming to the souped-up version of the game.

The Ultimate Edition will include every Borderlands 3 add-on so far. As well as the base game, it provides access to the new Final form cosmetics pack, which gives each playable character a new look based on an alternate universe in which they never became a Vault Hunter. 

You'll also be able to access both of the game's season passes. The first season pass includes four campaign DLC packs, all of which were released prior to September, but the second will now let players explore the Director's Cut and the Designer's cut. The former includes new missions, and-game content, and behind-the-scenes extras, and is due out in Spring 2021, but the latter will be available from November 10, granting new skill trees and letting players into the new Arms Race mode.

Arms Race is framed as a reality show hosted by two of the Vault Hunters from previous games, and is billed as a fast-paced roguelike experience. Players are stripped of all their gear and upgrades and then dropped into a new zone where they'll need to loot up and fight your way out to earn persistent rewards. It sounds like an interesting combination of roguelike and battle royale, all with a healthy dose of Borderlands chaos.

Both the Ultimate Edition and the Next-Level Edition (which grants access to those new cosmetics) are due to release from November 10, and will be available across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation families (the Ultimate Edition will also be available on Stadia). If you're buying current-gen, however, you'll be able to upgrade to a next-gen version from day one.

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