Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration begins with 5 weeks of special events

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The Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration has begun, kicking off five weeks of special in-game events. Gearbox is celebrating 10 years since the release date of the original Borderlands (October 20, 2009) all throughout October and the first four days of November. Each week will come with a different event - you can see teasers now, but you'll have to wait until the Monday of each week to find out the full details.

  • Week 1 (October 1-7): Bonus Boss Loot!
  • Week 2 (October 8-14): Rare Spawn Hunt!
  • Week 3 (October 15-21): Show Me the Eridium!
  • Week 4 (October 22-28): Mayhem on Twitch!
  • Week 5 (October 29 - November 4): Spooky Surprise!

The anniversary celebration is kicking off with "Boss Week", giving all Vault Hunters better chances at snagging legendary boss loot. Here's each boss and which legendary loot they're more likely to drop until 8:59 am PDT / 11:59 am EDT / 4:59 pm BST. Spoiler alert if you don't want to know the names and legendary drops of the big bosses in Borderlands 3.

  • Mouthpiece - Gatling Gun
  • KillaVolt - Brainstormer
  • Gigamind - Nagata
  • Katagawa Ball - Rectifier
  • Katagawa - Legendary class mods (all Vault Hunters)
  • Rampager - Kill-o'-the-Wisp
  • Warden - Echo
  • GenIVIV - Ten Gallon
  • Aurelia - Creeping Death
  • Graveward - Earworm
  • Pain and Terror - Legendary class mods (all Vault Hunters)
  • Troy - Nova Berner
  • Tyreen - Bitch

I'm not making a gendered jab at Tyreen there, that's just the name of her drop (it's an SMG). The other weeks should keep the fun going, and naturally I'm most looking forward to finding out whatever the Spooky Surprise will be. We already know that Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest is on the way later this month, so there's a good chance the events will either tie together or be one in the same. October just started and I am already spooped out.

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