Boogie on Xbox Live

Konami has released details of Dancing Stage Unleashed 3 and revealed that it allows gamers to test their freaky footwork against the world's best on Xbox Live.

The third instalment of the hit dancing game will support multiplayer competition online as well as three brand new modes called Freestyle, Quest and Jukebox.

Freestyle allows players to perform any moves they wish on the dance mat, then rates their performance on how in time with the music they were, along with how unique and complex their steps were.

Jukebox will simply play the game's music, allowing you to kick back and relax, while Quest mode has the gamer travelling the US via a map screen and competing in up to 60 competitions in order to be hailed the best groover in the land.

The game will include 30 tracks exclusive to the game as well as licensed songs that include Girls Aloud's Wake Me Up and Basement Jaxx's Oh My Gosh.