Bond villain picked

Well, it’s taken long enough. Bond producers Eon have finally announced that they’ve settled on a thesp to play Bond’s nemesis in Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale reboot for the series.

The lucky man in question is Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who was last seen rampaging across the screen in King Arthur.

But now, you’re no doubt anxious to know who will be playing Bond girl Vesper Lynd. Well, so are the producers and cast. “The choice is now down to two or three," blabbed Martin Campbell at the press conference announcing Mikkelsen’s casting. “You'll just have to wait to find out." Yeah, because we haven’t already been doing that. Current hot speculation has Eva Green and Olivia Wilde as the final two. Perhaps the producers could run some sort of Bond Idol, with the winning actress the one who gets the least amount of hassle from Simon Cowell. Who is then shot. No reason for that last bit, just a general hope.

Meanwhile, the press conference took a somewhat surreal turn, with Euro journalists bringing up speculation about Craig’s sexual orientation (“Thanks for the information,” was the thesp’s icy reply) and one reporter asking the assembled cast and crew if they were aware there was a previous Casino Royale.

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