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Bokura wa Kaseki Holder – import review

If you’d prefer to work for your Pokemon, then Bokura wa Kaseki Holder (translated as ‘We Are Fossil Holders’) is for you. This dino-baiting Poke-’em-up asks you to build your prehistoric war beasts from scratch. First, you need to head out into the field to dig for fossilized remains. Once you find a likely lump of rock, you can set to work on freeing it from its sedimentary grave using your trusty hammer and chisel (the stylus).

Once the bone is visible, you have to laser off the muck without compromising the structure of the fossil.Screw it up and parts of the bone turn green – fail to heed this warning and the specimen will be rendered useless to you. Collect enough parts, and you’ll be able to resurrect your beastie and immediately go about abusing your power by forcing it into battles to the death over Wi-Fi.

Bright, breezy and more engaging than the similar Spectrobes, the fact remains that language barriers will often grind your progress to a crashing halt. One to keep tabs on come the inevitable western release.

Import Score: 7

Jul 18, 2008