Blood Oath gets movie adaptation

Hollywood must be a crowded place these days – these nights, anyway – what with all the bloodsuckers flocking to town. (Hmm, there’s something ironic about bloodsucking execs in there somewhere.)

Not content with just about a hundred other vampire films getting fast-tracked into production, a new fang-flick is in the works.

But this one sounds pretty mean. Adapted from Christopher Farnsworth’s almost-published novel Blood Oath , it follows Nathaniel Cade, a Secret Agent Vampire.

After being captured by the US Army in the 1860s, Cade is recruited by the Secret Service to protect the president for 150 years. Now in present day, Cade attempts to derail evil plans for an army of Frankenstein monster soldiers.

Producer Lucas Fosters says:

“It always starts with the character for me. Cade has an amazing history, a great attitude and a great set of powers. He is a complete movie figure.”

That's what all heroes need kids - a great attitude. Foster’s also all for the ‘out there’ subject matter, which errs on just the right side of ridiculous:

“It’s a big idea and it’s an idea that in the wrong hands could have been cheesy. He did a very good job of making the reader, and me, buy it. It’s the right tone between thriller and improbable fantasy.”

Blood Oath could turn into a fun little spin on familiar genre conventions, converging monster flicks with spy movies and creating an interesting hybrid. But who to play Nathaniel Cade?

Sick of all these vampire movies? Or happy they’re getting the exposure they deserve?

Josh Winning has worn a lot of hats over the years. Contributing Editor at Total Film, writer for SFX, and senior film writer at the Radio Times. Josh has also penned a novel about mysteries and monsters, is the co-host of a movie podcast, and has a library of pretty phenomenal stories from visiting some of the biggest TV and film sets in the world. He would also like you to know that he "lives for cat videos..." Don't we all, Josh. Don't we all.