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Here are the answers from blogger Stuart Hall

1/ What first got you into SF?
I don't really remember what first sparked my interest. It was certainly at a very young age. I was interested in, and had learned a lot about, astronomy by the age of seven or eight. My earliest memories of SF are watching Doctor Who at the age of three or four (Dalek Invasion of Earth) and Bleep & Booster stories on Blue Peter.

2/ Who was your first geek crush?
I can't really think of anyone. I'm not, generally, that bothered about specific series or movies. Those females that I do find attractive tend to be the ones who are not meant to be the glamorous characters.

3/ If you were a spaceship from a TV show or movie, which would you be (and why)?
Probably the TARDIS. Lacking in sleek, elegant lines but with plenty of hidden wonders. (The computer Orac, from Blake's 7, also comes to mind, though it isn't a spaceship.)

4/ If SFX were to run a convention, which guest would you most like to meet there?
This is quite difficult, but it would have to be a writer. If it were someone I could sit and chat to in the bar then I think I would go for Terry Pratchett. If it were someone giving a formal presentation about their life and work then Ursula Le Guin would be very interesting.

5/ What's the most exciting thing to happen to you (SF wise) in 2009 so far?
I am going to be very predictable here and say having my first blog appear on the SFX site.

6/ What feature would you most like us to add to this website?
A searchable database of reviews.

7/ What SF character has most inspired you in your life?
It would have to be a character of intelligence rather than action, so Hartnell's Doctor or Bernard Quatermass.

8/ What's always your number one book or DVD recommendation to a friend?
I do tend to recommend things based on the tastes of the person. The book that I would recommend generally is H G Wells' The Time Machine.

9/ If you were the boss of SFX magazine for a day, what would be your first command?
Tea, white, one sugar.

10/ Who'd win in a fight, a caveman or an astronaut?
The astronaut, since the monolith would turn the caveman into an astronaut anyway.

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