BLOG Surviving the Zomblogalypse

Zombies are overrunning New York in this part blog, part web TV serial. Blogger Alasdair Stuart introduces you to the Zomblogalypse

Surviving the Zomblogalypse

Zomblogalypse is part blog, part web TV serial. Up to episode nine it's a quietly marvellous look at the end of the world from the point of view of the generation after Shaun, Ed and co. They're less concerned with society, much better at survival (Tony is quite the gun expert) and have an unflappable, slightly pained approach to the zombie hordes that is frequently very funny to watch. The moment in episode one where Miles and Tony find a zombie in their car is a stand out as are their reactions when they find out other people are blogging the apocalypse. There's a deadpan approach taken to the humour throughout that neatly separates it from Shaun Of The Dead and gives the series it's own identity. These are people who are very aware of their situation but most of the time, well… it's still York, it's still their home and if the shambling hordes on the streets actually want to eat you this time, that's not that big a change is it?

This approach also means that the moments of genuine horror have real impact. The fight in the apartment at the end of episode two is a particular standout as is the very last scene in season one which is both funny and utterly horrifying. However, it's the large scale fights where the horror really shines. The show's single camera format means that both the camera and the viewer are right in the middle of the action, giving a queasy urgency to scenes like the cinema fight in episode six and making sure the tension never quite drops away. Miles, Tony and Hannah are all deeply likable and frequently slightly inept characters but they're never quite safe and the single camera highlights that beautifully.

Zomblogalypse is dark, funny, horrifically violent and gloriously silly and crucially it's all done on a shoestring budget using local places, for free. This is both a love letter to zombie movies everywhere and a rousing call to arms for anyone who has always thought they had a film in them but never got around to it. The zomblogalypse is here and you can either join them or get out of the way.

Zomblogalypse can be found at: .

This is a personal article by Alasdair Stuart, one of our site contributors . Have you checked out Zomblogalypse yet? Are you a maker of low budget films who feels inspired by this to start a new project? We demand to know! Right now! In the comment thread below or perhaps on the SFX forum .

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