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BLOG Dollhouse and sexual exploitation

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS! And strong opinions on Dollhouse. New blogger Narin Bahar has this to say about the issues raised by the new Fox drama:

Dollhouse or whorehouse?

My fellow volunteer blogger Jamie Starbuck has already given his personal verdict on Dollhouse. He comes at it from, and I think he'd agree with this, a fairly anti-Whedon standpoint. For what it's worth, I'd consider myself well and truly from the other side of the spectrum. Ying to his yang. Good cop to his bad.

This post is the personal opinion of Narin Bahar, one of our new bloggers - read more about her in the next issue of SFX, on sale Wednesday 11 March.

There's no UK broadcaster yet signed up, but will you be checking Dollhouse out? Perhaps you're already watching at US pace and have strong feelings about it yourself. Let us know...