BLOG Women of Defiance #4: Supporting Characters

When I first set out to do these blogs, I made a list of Defiance ’s female characters, for obvious reasons, and the strangest thing happened. The list went on and on. For most shows, even the lovely Continuum , there are only a handful of players that don’t have boy bits. Not so on Defiance , where I kept thinking my list was done and then suddenly had to add another name. Some of those names are more minor, of course, but the fact that they’re there at all makes Defiance one of the few shows that has a more natural gender balance, and I appreciate that. This blog looks at a few of those characters who haven’t gotten much of the spotlight so far, but might just be destined for bigger things next season.

And speaking of Doc Yewll, I’ll see you in a bit, when I’ll finally get to everyone’s favorite doctor.

Laura McConnell

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