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BLOG True Blood 3.04 "9 Crimes"

Blogger Kell Harker gives her verdict of episode four, season three of True Blood. [WARNING: Contains spoilers!]

3.04 "9 Crimes"

Written by Kate Barnow & Elisabeth R. Finch
Directed by David Petrarca

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Bill breaks up with Sookie over the phone; Sookie goes undercover at Alcide's former fiancée's engagement/branding party; Franklin romances Tara against her will; Eric and Pam frame Bill as the vamp who's selling V; the Mickens family continue to intrude on Sam's life.

VERDICT The hardhearted actions of Bill continues to be the most intriguing character development so far this season – his breakup with Sookie couldn't have been more brutal – and it's obvious that he's becoming seduced by the darker, more naughty side of being a vampire. Yay! Although he's clearly feeling tormented, it's been fun seeing his badass side. Was it just my eyes playing tricks on me, or was he wearing a smile when biting into that exotic dancer? Being a fan of gore, I really enjoyed the feeding orgy scene inside the limousine at the end of the episode; it actually convinced me that True Blood vampires can be dangerous and scary, and not kitteny and gorgeous all the time. The girl's blood pouring through the cracks of the limousine door and onto the pavement was creepy but satisfying - after all I did start watching the series with the expectation of seeing a lot of blood.

I might be the only one but who thinks this but… I'm so, so disappointed with the look of the werewolves. Their shift to werewolf form isn't anything spectacular (blink, and you miss it) and I'm not a fan of the glowing red eyes they sport. When I'm watching the werewolf scenes I find myself feeling very appreciative of Being Human's werewolf, George.

In a plot surprise we learn that it's been Mississippi's Vampire King, Russell Edgington, who has been supplying the werewolves with V even though it's unclear why exactly he's doing it. Does anyone have any idea? But at least the mystery of who is supplying the werewolves with the vampire blood is solved and hopefully Eric can learn this information quickly before the Magistrate murders Pam. Seriously, I'll cry if she's killed off the show.

The storyline of Sam dealing with (and trying to help) his biological family is a snooze. So far it just seems like filler for the season.

And although I'm not forgetting about the awesomeness of Eric, I can't help but be in love with creepy, funny vampire Franklin. Even though his actions towards Tara are abrasive, they're also a bit sweet, don't you think? I thought him duct taping the bouquet of flowers to her hands was incredibly romantic. What?! Everyone has a different conception of romance…

MORE SEX PLEASE, WE'RE HBO It was Eric fantasizing about Sookie this time; she in her bra and panties and doing some smooth talking. Being a fantasy of Eric's though (because he's such a naughty boy) I was shocked that it wasn't more graphic and erotic. It's obvious that he just not interested in having sex with her; he's developing some genuine, deep feelings for her. But I fear she's only going to break his heart.

YIKES! I'm not sure if it was bad makeup or poor lighting to blame, but Sookie wasn't looking her best in this episode. She's a gorgeous woman, but there were a few scenes that had her looking like the life had been sucked out of her – and that was before the break-up phone call from Bill.

WEREWOLVES 101 A werewolf's body temperature runs much hotter than the average human temperature of 98.6ºF, and much, much hotter than a vampire's. Score one for the werewolves!

IT'S NOT YOU… IT'S ME Bill is a bit of a heartless bastard when he ends his relationship with Sookie over the phone: "I have left my life in Bon Temps. And I'm leaving you." Even more vicious was his confession that he's just cheated on her with Lorena: "We fucked like only two vampires can." Ouch! Poor Sookie!

ADD IT TO YOUR iPOD "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice is the hauntingly beautiful song featured in this episode.

BEST LINE Franklin: "If there's one thing I miss more than sunshine, it is good fruit."

This is a personal review from blogger Kell Harker. What did you think of this episode? Look out for Ian Berriman's review in SFX 200. Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.