BLOG The Passion Of The Geek

The passion of geeks is an amazing thing. It can be exciting and occasionally demented but stems from a place of love. Generally if you are a geek then you are a little bit obsessive and often in the good way that leads to one of my favourite things about being a geeky person: arguing with other geeks! Isn’t it brilliant? It lets you show off your (sometimes quite terrifying amounts of) knowledge; it lets your tribe know that you belong and – if the discussion manages to hang on to a sense of humour and doesn’t degenerate into a fight – you might learn something whilst supporting some of your favourite geeky passions.

There are several standard ways to begin the geek argument. If you are new to this here are some good topics to kick you off. If you’re an old hand, warm up those typing fingers and get ready to smack down!

5) Who is the most attractive comic book character? It’s Johnny Alpha. Look.

No further argument necessary!

Ok so here’s five topics to get our teeth into a really good fight, I’m looking forward to it and I say to you all right now – “I'm with Rowdy Yates block, who you with?”

Stacey Whittle