BLOG Captain Canuck Calls Out For Fan Funding Support And For His Clothes Back

Fans of iconic Canadian superhero Captain Canuck are in for a treat with the development of a new five-episode animated web series, but there’s a catch: to make the series happen, the team needs funding support and all it’s going to take is $50 billion (really only £50,000) . Old and new fans of the Captain, you're being called into action!

The Captain in the new series – who is voiced by Kris Holden-Ried ( Lost Girl, Underworld: Awakening, The Tudors ) – and Mr Gold – who is voiced by Paul Amos ( Lost Girl, Murdoch Mysteries, Warehouse 13 ) – as well as the web series team have recorded this video message about the campaign:

The Indiegogo Campaign is off to a promising start after the crowd funding campaign launch in Toronto’s West end last week, but so much more support is still needed to bring Captain Canuck to our screens... and so we can untie Kris from that chair. Has anyone checked on him recently? Mr Gold?...

In the team's official press release, Dean Henry, Chief Creative Director for CC INC said, “The response at Comic Con was truly amazing; I was shocked at how the crowd responded.” Dean added, “It’s clear that the fans really want this and we want to get them involved in giving Canada the hero it deserves.”

“Captain Canuck was created by Richard Comely in 1975, and has been through various incarnations. The latest re-imagining comes at the hands of Toronto-based comic book artist, Kalman Andrasofszky ( NYX: No Way Home , X-Treme X-Men , X-23 ). Kalman worked closely with CC Inc in reshaping the look of Canada’s original superhero. Also attached to the project is acclaimed animation director, Sam Chou ( Style5ty ).

“The Captain Canuck team has been working hard to connect with fans, reaching out via twitter (@ctncanuck) and Facebook. ‘The online response is great, it’s actually happening faster that we expected,’ said Dean. ‘We’ve got fans in Iowa asking if they’ll be able to see it in the States.’”

The Indiegogo campaign launched last Thursday and making a donation is easy, and has lots of incentives for fans, from T-shirts to signed photos and artwork, to Associate Producers credits. Some lucky Captain Canuck supporters can even appear in the web series as an animated version of themselves! Funny, that just happens to be on my geek bucket list…

So what are you waiting for Captain Canuck Club Members? Make a donation to save the Captain so he can save the world in a new animated web series! Fly over now to the

Captain Canuck Indiegogo Campaign Page and show your support in the form of cash.

For further information please check out the Captain Canuck Facebook page, or reach out via Twitter @ctncanuck.

Dear Captain Canuck, I am a proud (and enthusiastic) Captain Canuck Club Member and I am happy to invest in your new totally cool web series. Please continue in your awesomeness (and politeness). Lotsa love, Kell Harker xoxo

Special thanks to everyone working on the project, especially Fadi Hakim (Executive Producer), Paul Gardner (Creative Director), Dean Henry Creative Director), Sam Chou (Director of Animation), Mike Valiquette (Director of Development), Kalman Andrasofszky (Character Designer/Concept Artist), Jeremy Diamond (Writer), Paul Amos (Mr. Gold), and Kris Holden-Ried (Captain Canuck). Ps. I think I got your name right this time Kalman.

Are you a fan of Captain Canuck? As always, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.