BLOG A True Love Song

Sure, some fans cross lines they shouldn’t. Some are just plain creepy. And some are entitled jerks.

But most are pretty cool people, and they show their love for their thing, whatever it may be, in some pretty amazing ways. Some write fan fiction. Some make fan vids and fan films. Some create amazing costumes that are truly works of art. And some compose original music.

Now, I have contributed my fair share of words to the world of fan fiction and read many more. I’ve spent way too much (or just the right amount?) of my time viewing fan vids over and over, and I’ve ogled some costumes that make me truly green with envy while making some of my own that I’m pretty proud of. But the fan creation that probably impresses me most (besides the full-fledged fan film) is the original song.

I’ve written about these pieces of music before here , but a recent new release by John Anealio has me rethinking my recent post about fanservice and simultaneously bowing before the sweetness of true nerd love.

See, John is one of my favorite fan musicians, and it seems John’s wife just wasn’t into the Marvel Cinematic Universe until a certain blond Asgardian showed up. Now, personally, I think she’s crazy for not being into Iron Man, and my favourite Chris in the Marvel movies isn’t Hemsworth, but whatever, man. To each their own.

And besides, that’s not the point. The point is that it was Thor and his, um, physical attributes that pulled her into the MCU, and there’s just no wrong there (so, yes, fanservice worked here – though I contend that Thor’s physique being shown off is not on the same level of fanservice I recently lamented in my Trek blog ). Marvel gained another fan – albeit one who might be accused of being a “fake geek girl,” but I’d argue that many male fans of the MCU couldn’t pass a test on comics canon any more than these supposed female poseurs so let’s just throw that complete line of bull right out before I go all Jennifer Walters, okay? – and because John isn’t the type to be threatened or otherwise insulted by his wife’s appreciation of man-flesh, we fans all get a new song commemorating her fall.

It’s called “I’ll Be Your Thor,” and it’s the sweetest thing ever. Check it out here . It’s free for all, so why not give it a shot? Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to hear a man successfully rhyme “Mjolnir” – even if you didn’t realise it until just now.

And there’s more…

While you’re at it, I mentioned several other geeky artists in my last post, and some of them have new songs or albums out. Marian Call is again touring the US and planning a new album. Rick Moyer is still busily making up Star Trek songs. And one artist I regretfully didn’t cover last time and therefore must mention now is the wonderful Tally Deushane . No matter your fandom, I bet you can find a song of hers to make you smile. I discovered her through her Guild song years ago, but her Big Bang Theory , general nerd stuff, How I Met Your Mother * and Harry Potter songs are some of my favourites now. (*if you have the season five DVD, you already have this song, as it attracted the powers that be and they put it on the special features!)

So check out some new tunes, fellow geeks. Turf the artists a few quid if you can, and spread the word if you can’t. Hopefully, you’ll find something to strike your fancy, and maybe, just maybe, if you can play an instrument or sing, you’ll be inspired to create a new song of your own. If so, share it! Maybe I’ll be writing about you next! Oh, and let me know if you have any favourites that I’ve missed, please. I’m sure there are many fun geeky bands out there I’ve never heard of, and I’d love to find them!