Blizzard veterans launch Frost Giant Studios to create new RTS game

(Image credit: Frost Giant Studios)

Former Blizzard developers, Tim Campbell and Tim Morten, have teamed up to create the next big Real-Time Strategy game at new company Frost Giant Studios. 

The brand new studio, which is now headed by Campbell and Morten, and has managed to raise $4.7 million for their first project with the help from organisations such as Bitkraft Ventures and Riot Games.

Campbell, who was the original lead campaign designer for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and Morten, who was the production director on StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, were both interviewed by GamesBeat and explained the process of launching a new studio as well as their goal of wanting to create the next RTS PC game. Morten said, “In order to build another brand-new RTS, it felt like the opportunity to do it externally was too good to pass up.”

A new YouTube video from Frost Giant Studios introduces the new team of developers who will be working on the new RTS project. Campbell, now president and game director at Frost Giant said, “Frost Giant is the first opportunity to really get back to the roots of the type of game that I love playing.”

Morten, now production director, said, “I came to Frost Giant Studios to build the next great RTS. RTS is really the genre that I love the most, this was an opportunity to make something new and that is such a rare opportunity in game development, I’m super excited to have this chance.”

According to Frost Giant Studios’ official website, their goal is to carry forward the legacy of real-time strategy games. Here’s to hoping they can revitalize the genre and you can be sure that GamesRadar will have the latest on their efforts.  

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