Blastermind: Now You Can Take Part 1

Our five finalists were invited onto stage where they each had to answer a different set of 20 SF and fantasy-related questions. Our winners (it went to a tie-breaker) both managed 14 out of 20. Can you do better than that in any individual round (and remember – they couldn’t Google!) Feel free to use the comments sections to boast about how you did, but try not to post any actual answers, please (it kinda ruins the fun) – we'll reveal all the answers on Friday.


1 Which supernatural being arrived in the UK aboard The Demeter?

2 Who wrote the theme tune for The X-Files?

3 The rebel base was located on which moon in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope?

4 Which Doctor Who actor had already appeared in the show before becoming the Doctor?

5 Which magical TV drama had a cover version of The Smith's How Soon Is Now as a theme tune?

6 In which TV series would you encounter aliens races called Hynerians and Scarrans?

7 In Lost, what Wizard Of Oz-inspired alias did Ben Linus use when he first appeared?

8 Who wrote the Night’s dawn Trilogy?

9 Who created the stop motion effects for Jason and the Argonauts?

10 Which Dynasty star hung out with Captain Kirk in Trek episode The City At The Edge Of Forever?

11 Frank Castle is the real name of which comic anti-hero?

12 Who played the original Kochanski in Red Dwarf?

13 Queen's Radio Gaga video used footage from which classic SF movie?

14 Which mid-’80s, SF John Hughes movie gave an early role to Robert Downey Jr?

15 In Battlestar Galactica, what’s the name of the stealth ship that Chief Tyrol designs and supervises the construction of in season two?

16 Alex Raymond created which space hero?

17 Which football team did Spike support in Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

18 Which George Romero film features a zombified Hari Krishner follower?

19 What is the name of the fourth Harry Potter book?

20 Who played the young Indiana in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade?

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