BlackSite: Area 51 - Interview

We also heard the storyline is being penned by the same woman who did Gears of War. How much work has been put into the plot?

Absolutely, Susan O'Conner. We started working on the story way back in pre-production because it's vital - a lot of times, especially in my career, the story comes late in the project; once the game's been designed you bring in a writer or you punch-up the dialogue and sort of retro-fit it into the product, and that's not really the way to create a fully-interactive experience. We got Susan involved really early and she's been really great to work with. She's been integral even in the game design; she interacts with the game designers on a regular basis and it just makes it more cohesive, so as you're playing through the game it doesn't feel like it's a tacked-on element - you're actually playing through a narrative that feels seamless.

Do you have a particular favorite piece of badass marine dialogue?

(laughs) There are quite a few - I don't really have a favorite that jumps out at me though. There's some really good dialogue; especially the further you get through the game and things kind of ramp up in terms of intensity - there's a lot of cool stuff.