Black Widow could get a solo movie

Iron Man 2

Scarlett Johansson could be given her own spin-off superhero movie as the catsuit-wearing Black Widow.

Having played the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Iron Man 2 , and having signed up as the sole female hero (we know of so far) in the upcoming The Avengers , Johansson could also receive her own Black Widow movie sometime in the future.

“We’ve already started discussions with Scarlett about the idea of a solo movie and have begun putting together concepts,” Marvel boss Kevin Feige today told Superhero Hype , “but The Avengers comes first.”

Johansson herself has already shown an interest in having her own Widow flick, stating recently that she would be “happy to don the cat suit again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.”

Female superheroes haven’t fared well on the big screen in recent memory, with Halle Berry’s Catwoman and Jennifer Garner’s Elektra both receiving a right good bashing on release (no wonder Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman never saw the light of day).

Here’s hoping that with the right team behind her, Johansson can finally return female fantasy fighters to their rightful place in cinema.

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