Black & White's new starter Pokemon (sort of) revealed

The incredibly Japanese (opens in new tab) show Pokemon Sunday has once again revealed some new info about the upcoming 5th generation Pokemon games, Pokemon Black & White. These three silhouettes are reported to be those of the game’s new starters, which means we’re likely looking at a fire type a water type and a grass type.

Above: Black & White's new starter Pokemon revealed on Pokemon Sunday

Speculation is running high as to what they look like, with most fans agreeing on the fire/water/grass type spread.If the previous games are any indicator, and given Pokemon's glacial track record for change they certainly are,expect them to be extremely cute initially and then extremely badass at later levels. It seems like the top one might be the grass type given the leaf shapes on its head. Judging by the tail, the left one will be the fire type, and by the process of elimination, the right one will be the water type. But that's just my rambling, this image depicts a different take on their types/looks:

Above: One of the most stylistically correct fan interpretations

While it’s highly unlikely GameFreak will break from tradition, there is the chance these starters could be non water/fire/grass types. Imagine starting the game with a steel or dark type! Japanese magazine CoroCoro has said they will reveal the starters in their new issue which hits Japanese newsstands this Saturday. It’s a safe bet some intrepid fan will score the magazine early though, so we’ll keep our eyes open for the scans as soon as they surface.Thenew starters are also set to be revealed on next week's episode ofPokemon Sunday, where we might even get a taste of some new in-game footage.

In the meantime, fans are going wild with speculation, and some talented illustrators have cooked up some interesting theories as to what the new Monz might look like:

Above: While the colors and bodies fit with the Pokemon aesthetic, the hideous faces are unlikely to appeal to fans

Above: This image offers up two takes on the potential fire/grass starters. It seems to be agreed the third one is the water type

Above: Bidoof used Doof Cannon! It's Super Effective!

May 10, 2010

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