Black PS5 image appears online, but here's why it's probably fake

(Image credit: ResetEra)

An advertisement allegedly showing a black PS5 model was recently shared on ResetEra, but while this color scheme may be tempting to fans of the classic PlayStation look, this image is almost certainly a fake. 

There are a few things wrong with the black PS5 pictured here. Most obviously, its inner light ring is red. PlayStation consoles almost always use the same lighting scheme even on other models, so on a black PS5, this ring would probably still be blue. More importantly, why is the light ring on this console red while the lighting on the inside of the right panel is blue? The top-right corner of the system is clearly blue-lit, and this is especially obvious when viewed through something like the Forensically magnifier:  

(Image credit: ResetEra)

Relatedly, the Forensically tool detection filter also has issues with this console's red light bar, but I digress. Anyway, while we're looking at the top-right corner of the console, what's the deal with that white Sony logo on the inside of the right panel? According to every photo and video we've seen, the original white PS5 design has a minimalist white-on-white inset logo on its inside panel, so we'd probably see a black logo on a black model. 

Finally, and perhaps most damningly, why is the back shell of the black DualSense shown here still white? The front shell is black, as are all of the face button icons - a suspicious detail in and of itself, since it lines up with previous DualSense Photoshop jobs - but there's still a bit of white plastic poking out the bottom. 

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony does release black versions of the PS5 and DualSense, but even if those do exist, I sincerely doubt this is a legitimate image of them. This looks much more like an edited mock-up that some fan slipped into a broader Sony advertisement. Hopefully, when the PS5 pre-orders go live we'll know for sure.

If you're not a fan of the default PS5 design, you may find solace in special edition consoles, which Sony says will go "beyond anything seen before."  

Austin Wood

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