Black Ops Cold War Scream Deathmatch mode leaks for Call of Duty Halloween event

Black Ops Cold War
(Image credit: Activision)

It would seem Call of Duty's upcoming Halloween shenanigans include a brand new Black Ops Cold War mode called Scream Deathmatch where teams of Killers and Survivors face off.

This is according to a leak from HeyImAlaix (via Call of Duty News), which shared a duo of screengrabs showing off the Scream Deathmatch mode's loading screen and gameplay. The loading screen describes the game mode as a vaguely Dead by Daylight-esque survival mode where two Ghostfaces hunt down Survivors by the sound of their screams. Survivors will need to stay alive until the time runs out or take down both Killers and become the "Final Survivor," an apparent reference to the Final Girl trope from classic slasher movies.

"Survivors must hide from the Killers," reads the description. "Screams will give away your position, so be ready to move." Though nothing's confirmed just yet, according to the leak there will be two Killers each round whose goal it is to track down and eliminate all Survivors. Judging from the gameplay screengrab, there can be as much as 10 Survivors in a round.

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Call of Duty fans in need of a good scare will be pleased to see Ghostface stalking around Verdansk in Warzone as well. Details are light on the battle royale's Halloween event, but we're already seriously digging the leaked Warzone Scream skin.

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