Black Ops 3 nearly made its AI too deadly

Treyarch is determined to make some big changes to Activision's ever dominant shooter franchise with its latest addition, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Alongside a reinvigorated multiplayer mode that's more acrobatic than ever (thanks to same handy, Titanfall-esque wall-running) and a focused desire to break the CoD traditions of old, Treyarch is also keen to promote the improved AI system that's powering the noggins of its new enemy troops.

In the latest issue of Edge, campaign director Jason Blundell explains he and the team worked so hard on the new AI setup, the studio ended up making said intelligence too smart for its own good. "The enemies make a reasonable, intelligent choice at all times," says Blundell of the game’s rebuilt AI systems. "One soldier may have an SMG, but his mentality could be 'I want to keep my distance', 'I want to protect this point' or 'I need to flank'. The problem was reining that system in so the AI agents weren’t too good."

Considering that some of your new foes have been taking a fewbionic fashion tips from The Terminator, we're actually quite relieved Treyarch stopped its AI from going full Skynet on us. In other news, it was revealedBlack Ops 3 will be coming to last-gen consolesafter all, while allDLC for the game will appear on PS4 first.

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