Black Ops 3 Specialist breakdown packs in gibs & moves to make players Hulk out

That fine pink mist you see up there is a no-doubt furious player on the wrong end of Black Ops 3's new grenade launcher. No second chances, just POP, and bits everywhere. I suspect, like most of the Specialist moves here, it's likely to provoke incendiary fury the first, and every, time it happens.

It's part of a series of videos below showing the multiplayer Specialist characters. First there's Prophet and Battery, the latter having that grenade launcher called War Machine as a secondary weapon. There's a timed fuse on the shots but a direct hit is also an insta-kill splat. I can almost hear the cries of 'Bullshit!' across the headset as people get hit by that. Prophet's teleporting Glitch ability to jump back to a position he occupied two seconds ago also looks like a prime trigger for obscenity-fuelled rage quiting.

Check it out for yourself here:

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We've also got a look at Seraph and Nomad, bringing with them the Annihilator hand cannon (one hit kills capable of taking down multiple enemies with one shot) and robo-nano-insect trap... things respectively. Bees. Killed by bees playing COD. I'm sure no one will be angry about that.

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And finally there's Outrider with a literally cheat-tastic X-ray Vision Pulse and Ruin with his area-of-effect, ground pounding Gravity Spikes.

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I'm not saying that these aren't great mechanics, or that the game doesn't look fun (it seriously looks like the most fun it's been in years) but given the average COD players tendency to absolutely lose their shit over every minutely perceived injustice, this looks like a loadout selection that could start actual wars.

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