Black Ops 3 campaign has more Easter eggs than ever before says director

Bring your thinking caps with you as you jump into the Black Ops 3 campaign, which promises to have the most Easter eggs of any game in the series. Campaign director Jason Blundell recently told OXM that he's confident the new Call of Duty will give even the most dedicated sleuth a run for their money.

The team has their work cut out for them though, as the popularity of the games only means there are more amateur detectives excitedly poring over every detail released by the studio. "We started off with little Easter eggs in Zombies [mode] and we were amazed at how quickly people would find stuff and then decrypt it," Blundell said.

As an example, Black Ops 3 itself was revealed to the community by way of Snapchat videos containing cryptic imagery and sounds patched into Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps. Players used everything from oscilloscopes to cryptology experts to assist with cracking the hidden codes. (Blundell says that's cheating, by the way.)

"They continue to surprise me," Blundell said. "But I think I’ve got them with the latest one."


Sam Prell

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