Black Friday US Deals: Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 for only $24.99. Praise Talos!

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Black Friday is spreading its wings like the great draconic destroyer Alduin, and there’s no better way to embrace the all-or-nothing spirit of the consumerism extravaganza than getting yourself Skyrim Special Edition for only $24.99 on the PS4. 

View deal: Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 for $24.99 at Amazon

This deal is pretty much like you’ve just levelled up your speechcraft to its absolute maximum and are now busy reaping the rewards. Praise Talos, because you’ve just saved $35 which, if you feel it burning a hole in your pocket, you can use over at our best Black Friday gaming deals hub. If your PS4 is looking especially lonely or you feeling the burning desire to buy one, head over to the best Black Friday PS4 deals and see if anything tickles your fancy.