The Binding of Isaac's Wrath of the Lamb expansion to add 50% more troubled childhoods

Following reports The Binding of Isaac is courting a 3DS publishing deal, the indie game's co-creator Edmund McMillen recently took to his Twitter and Formspring accounts to drop details about an upcoming Wrath of the Lamb expansion he predicts will add “at least 50% more than what is already in game.”

Chatting with fans over Formspring, McMillen revealed the Wrath of the Lamb add-on will feature five new music tracks, a slew of new collectibles called Trinkets, gameplay bonuses, and plot additions that will flesh out Isaac's religiously themed story. Asked over Twitter when the expansion will be ready for download and how much it will cost, McMillen said: “when it's done, 3 bucks.”

Speaking to possible ports, McMillen told Joystiq “higher-ups” were still mulling over the controversial indie game, and that there were other options if the deal fell through, explaining, "If we don't land the 3DS, the publisher I'm talking to has expressed interest in other digital platforms and is currently contacting them as well about the port."

McMillen added that once Wrath of the Lamb is released, he plans to "close the book" on The Binding of Isaac.

The Binding of Isaac was released by McMillen (also one half of the Team Meat crew) and Florian Himsl for Steam last September. Read our review to see what all the hubbub is about, and then watching a video about kittens or something to get the image of tormented children out of your head.

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