The Binding of Isaac gets free Halloween update

Team Meat has announced a free update for The Binding of Isaac, adding an impressive amount of content to keep you off the demon-infested streets this All Hallow's Eve. If money is the root of all evil, how come Team Meat is offering 20% more of the latter without charging any of the former?

The free update adds a whole new chapter to the game, but makes you work for it: you won't get to access the new stuff until you've killed Mom ten times. Clear that hurdle and you'll be on the way to three new bosses, four new enemies and over 20 new items. There's also more achievements, music and tarot cards, a new ending and an additional playable character for those willing to put some elbow grease into the business of matricide.

Team Meat's Edward McMillen, the game's designer, says the update adds 20% more content to the title, all of which can be yours for $5 on Steam. Take those funds out of your trick-or-treat candy budget: as Isaac fans know, kids are evil little fiends anyway.