Billy Bob Thornton is one of The Informers

Hooray! Looks like Brandon Routh won’t have to go back to waiting tables or cleaning walruses or whatever he was doing before he scored his big Super-break. Because while he’s nabbed one role following Superman Returns, we were getting worried that his career had gone from on fire to a wet weekend in Bognor.

But no, he’s just scored a role in ensemble drama The Informers, which Buffalo Soldiers helmer Gregor Jordan is directing based on one of Brett Easton Ellis’ books. And in a first for an Ellis adaptation, the author himself has written the script alongside Nicholas Jarecki.

Billy Bob Thornton and Kim Basinger has signed on to lead an ensemble that includes Routh, Ashley Olsen, Austin Nichols, John Foster and Lou Pucci in a tale that’s set across a week in LA in 1983. Taken from Ellis’ connected short stories, the seven plots will follow intersecting characters including movie executives, rock stars and a vampire, among the dubious types that usually populate his tales.

Jordan starts lensing the film this October in LA, but will also take in Uruguay and Buenos Aires.

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