Bill Murray in Swedish drink-driving golf cart chaos

It’s time for another round of the seemingly endless story When Celebrities Go On Drunken Adventures. But this time it isn’t Britney or Lindsay or even Paris Hilton. It’s Bill Murray.

Yes, Bill Murray. And it doesn’t involve a high-powered chase with police. It involves a low-speed cruise in a gold cart through downtown Stockholm, Sweden.

Let us explain… Police officers noted the Ghostbusters star driving the slow vehicle down the street and pulled him over early in the early hours of Monday morning. "He refused to blow in the breath test instrument, citing American legislation," Holmlund told The Hollywood Reporter yesterday. "So we applied the old method - a blood test. It will take 14 days before the results are in. "Then he was let go. My guess is he went back to America.” Your guess? Isn’t the police’s job to keep track of these menaces to polite, non-golf cart-driving society, Mr Holmlund?

Apparently it’s different for movie stars, which comes as a bit of a shock to us. Murray, to his credit apparently admitted that he was a few sheets to the wind and agreed to let a police officer plead guilty for him if the case goes to court. A high alcohol level could mean prison, though Holmlund believes a fine is the much more likely outcome.

And it gets better. Murray had been staying at a hotel in the city for the Scandinavian Masters golf tournament when he drove the cart, which was on display outside the hotel, but not meant for transport, to a local nightclub, Café Opera. “I don't hold any grudge against Bill Murray for borrowing our cart for a while,” tournament chief Fredrik Nilsmark told the press.

Finally, because it’s just that kind of place, it transpires Murray wasn’t pulled over for the crime of driving a golf cart in city streets, because that’s not actually the illegal part. It is, however, unusual. "I have done this since '68 and I've never experienced anything like this," Holmlund commented. Us neither, Mr H. Us neither.

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