Which Star Wars character do you want to see get a Disney Plus series?

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Disney Plus is just days away from filling your eyeballs with Star Wars, from Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV show to Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan.  That got our very own GamesRadar stormtroopers pondering which character they want to see get their very own spin-off on the new streaming service. 

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The Porgs

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After watching this adorable little short about Rey's antics with Porgs whilst trying to train, I can't help but think there's more to be seen of these pesky little puffin-alikes. Think Pingu, but with Porgs. What is that Porg that caught a ride on the Millenium Falcon doing now? Is he seeing the sights of galaxies far, far away? Or did Chewie eventually eat him? We'll never know unless Disney Plus does us a solid. Sam Loveridge

Princess Leia

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Leia has always been a personal hero of mine. Growing up, I was utterly smitten with her and I've always looked up to her strength and wit. I yearn to see her entire origin story in a lushly produced series Disney could easily deliver. I want to know what she was like before she got caught up in the events of a New Hope. Sure, she's popped up as a teen in Star Wars Rebels, but I want a deep dive into her experience growing up as a princess on Alderaan with Queen Breha and Senator Bail Organa. There can never be enough Leia in the world in my opinion. Miss you, Carrie. Heather Wald

Asajj Ventress

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Slave, Jedi padawan, Sith apprentice, witch, bounty hunter - you can't find another Star Wars character with a background as wild as Asajj Ventress. Born as a Force-sensitive Nightsister witch before being stolen away from her clan and forced into slavery, Ventress is eventually rescued and taken on as Ky Narec's Jedi apprentice. When he's murdered by space pirates, Count Dooku finds her and takes her on as his apprentice (until he betrays her because she's become too powerful). Ventress, forever running from Dooku's rage, becomes a bounty hunter and works alongside some unexpected allies (including Obi Wan and Ahsoka Tano), so the storylines are ripe for the picking. I'd accept either a Tano/Ventress buddy cop (bounty hunter) show, or one that treats Ventress like the bald-headed Mandalorian, following her across the universe as she snaps necks and collects checks. Sure, she's featured pretty heavily in the Clone Wars, but so is Obi-Wan, and he's getting his own show, isn't he? Alyssa Mercante

Salacious B. Crumb

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Have you ever wondered how that rat-looking alien thing ended up being enslaved by Jabba the Hut? Now you have. Salacious B. Crumb's journey to becoming Jabba's court jester remains fairly unexplored in the Star Wars canon, though surely this Kowakian monkey-lizard's story is fascinating. Imagine it: a run-down Crumb roams the planet Kowak, doing odd jobs to keep his family afloat. The Galactic Credits, though, are running low, and Crumb goes to desperate measures to provide for the ones he loves. One thing leads to the next, and Crumb ends up a stowaway on Hutt's ship. Unfortunately, Bib Fortuna (that red-eyed freaky-looking snake-head) spots the innocent enough animal and takes him to Hutt. Rather than killing Crumb, the grotesque Hutt decides to keep him as a pet. Trapped and longing for his family, Crumb gradually morphs into a mindless lacky for Hut. By the time Luke Skywalker arrives to save Solo in Return of the Jedi, it's too late. Crumb's suffering Stockholm syndrome, having spent too long stuck the monster's slimy skin. He's developed a horrible, high-pitched laugh, and dies as Hutt's ship crashes into the sands of Tatooine. And that's the tragedy of Salacious B. Crumb, streaming on Disney Plus in 2022. Jack Shepherd

The Kit Fisto Show 

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One of the reasons why Star Wars is so good is that its universe is full of characters that can be as complex or uncomplicated as the story they appear in demands. Luke's boy scout enthusiasm in A New Hope makes him a perfect audience surrogate, while Kylo Ren's uneasy journey to the Dark Side and relationship with Rey has been at the heart of the best bits in the new trilogy. That's before I even touch on the expanded universe, which can explore more of the darker motivations of players across the galaxy, and what The Mandalorian promises to do as well. 

Anyway, I think it would be really funny if a Disney+ show focused on the hilariously named Kit Fisto, bringing in a load of beloved characters to interact with and say the name 'Kit Fitso' out loud. Star Wars can be as ridiculous as it is good and Kit Fitso is the embodiment of that. Ben Tyrer

Darth Maul

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Yes, he appeared in The Clone Wars and he’s probably going to tie into the upcoming Obi-Wan Disney Plus series, but there’s so much ground left to cover when it comes to the tattooed Sith. Let’s face it, he’s probably the best thing to come out of the prequels by several parsecs. Exhibit A) He was chopped in half and didn’t die. Exhibit B) Spider legs. That's the end of my pitch. No further questions.

With Lucasfilm retconning a lot of backstory out of existence, it might be about time to get a canon Maul comeback story on Disney Plus – and put some of that hefty budget behind a few more kickass light saber duels. We haven’t had a good live-action one-on-one fight since Revenge of the Sith (in my humble opinion, of course), and Maul is tailor-made for it. Plus, I really want to see what happened with Maul pre-Solo. Bradley Russell

Jabba the Hut

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There's so many questions I have in relation to this fan favorite Star Wars villain. What is the Hut homeworld like? How do they reproduce? Who is the real Jabba when he's not on Godfather duties and, more importantly, how does a disgusting, barely mobile slug creature become one of the galaxy's most feared and respected criminal warlords? I'll admit that when it comes to Star Wars lore, I'm not as well versed as most fans, so perhaps all of this has already been explained in multiple Extended Universe comic books of the past. Even so, a full TV show could really go to town on exploring Hutt culture and Jabba's backstory with dazzling, Disney-backed production value. It could even bring back the Max Rebo band. Alex Avard

Kyle Katarn

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A grumpy, ex-Imperial officer turned reluctant Jedi is a perfect way to take a slightly different look at a very familiar world. I know he's not really canon anymore since the Disney culling of the extended lore, but Katarn’s story is packed with so, so much potential. Imagine a split timeline across his varied life. Firstly covering his time as an Imperial Officer on the bad sign of the fight, full of political machinations and long distance Force throttlings. Then, secondly, his journey as a Bad Lieutenant style Jedi, unwillingly empowered by the Force and grumbly weariness about the BS he has to deal with to get stuff done. Leon Hurley

Cad Bane

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You know you've got a badass on your hands when someone's armed with dual pistols, a long duster, and a cowboy hat, but Cad Bane has the personality to match. A wry and hard-as-nails alien who looks as if he's walked right out of a Western, Cad is one of the best bits about the Star Wars prequel era despite never having appeared in any of the movies. As a recurring guest-star in The Clone Wars animated series, he was designed to evoke the mysterious and effortless cool of Boba Fett did during The Empire Strikes Back. As such, he'd make an ideal choice for a solo Disney Plus season. He's also cold, ruthless, and memorable with a synthesised lilt to his voice, so it's not like he wouldn't command the screen. Benjamin Abbott

Wam Lufba

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How could I not pick the Star Wars universe's foremost gun-toting muppet to lead his own Disney+ series? Wam Lufba is a member of the adorably named Yuzzum species who is only ever seen for a few seconds when Leia's still disguised as a bounty hunter in Return of the Jedi, but the collective imagination of Star Wars writers over the decades has done far more with less. Honestly, I've always had a soft spot for the aliens of Star Wars who aren't just human actors wearing weird prosthetics. Yoda would be the more obvious choice of muppet stars for a spinoff, but I'm still kinda tired of him after all the screen time he got in the prequels. And yes, I know neither of them are technically muppets, but c'mon. Connor Sheridan

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