Big Brain Academy - hands on

We noticed a few key things during this flurry of mental exercises. First, the game uses Miis in some of its presentations, so the Mii-obsessed can look forward to another title littered with the damn things. Second, few if any of the games involved anything but pointing the remote at the screen. The pace may have been Wario, but the variation's just not there yet. It's plenty fun, that's for sure, but here's hoping a few more features of the 'mote are utilized.

Finally, Big Brain Academy judges in five categories like its DS cousin, albeit with slightly changed names: memory, analysis, number crunching, visual recognition and quick thinking. The demo was fast and flighty, much like all Wii demos these days, but perhaps by June 11 we'll be ready for another minigame-heavy outing? Could be - before then we've got Super Paper Mario, Heatseeker, Prince of Persia and Spider-Man 3: The Movie to flush all the party game willies out of our systems.

Brett Elston

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