Beyond: Two Souls has co-op you can control with a DualShock or tablet

Heavy Rain was a 100 percent single-player game, but many didn't play it alone. With that in mind, Quantic Dream founder David Cage decided to give spectators of his patently cinematic games something more to do than shout frantic instructions in Beyond: Two Souls, IGN reports.

A second player will be able to take control of main character Jodie's spectral companion, Aiden (play otherwise involves switching back and forth between the two.) The game's structure dictates that both can't operate at once, so play still switches back and forth--but now each person has their own responsibility in the game.

Unfortunately, spectators might be put off co-op if they're unfamiliar with the DualShock controller. That's where the smartphones and tablets they're likely already comfortable with come in; the Beyond: Touch app for Android and iOS syncs up with the PS3 over Wi-Fi and lets players control either character with their mobile device.

Beyond: Two Souls will launch on October 8 in North America and October 11 in the U.K.

Connor Sheridan

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