Better Call Saul fans turn Saul Goodman into a Game Boy hero

Better Call Saul
(Image credit: Lumpy Touch)

Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman has been reinvented once again, this time as a Game Boy character. 

In what is well and truly the end of an era, the season 6 finale and final-ever episode of Better Call Saul has aired. And with showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould confirming that they have no more spin-offs planned, this could very well be the last we see of the Breaking Bad universe. But thanks to fans, we've got some new Better Call Saul content in the form of a very impressive 3-minute video which shows what the series would look like if it were a Game Boy game.

The video, as spotted by The Gamer, is the creation of talented Better Call Saul fan Lumpy Touch with the help of 2bitcrook and branflakes. Do be aware that it contains spoilers, so if you've yet to catch up on all the escapades of Slippin' Jimmy, avert your eyes now. 

This demake gives you the choice of three of the TV show's best characters, Saul, Kim, and the eternally grumpy Mike. Each one has traits such as Guts, Hustle, Authority, and Lawyer, as well as a passive skill unique to them. After selecting a character, you're treated to a brilliant 8-bit rendition of the show's theme tune. 

The footage shows cutscenes and playable levels depicting key moments from Better Call Saul that fans of the series will remember fondly. "Explore the desert!" reads the video's description. "Box your rival! Escape from the diabolical Lalo! You're in the game. But can you BEAT the game?"

Aside from the short-lived mobile resource-management game Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, which launched in June 2019, neither Walter White's nor Saul Goodman's antics have ever seen game adaptations. It recently emerged that Gilligan once tried to pitch a Grand Theft Auto-inspired game based on Breaking Bad, but sadly it never came to fruition, and we're all left wondering what could have been. 

We might not be getting a Breaking Bad game, but there are still plenty of exciting virtual offerings on the way, see them all in our guide to new games 2022.

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