Bethesda's Todd Howard calls PS5 and Xbox Series X "insane" and "incredible," prefers them to PC

PS5 vs Xbox Series X
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Bethesda director Todd Howard is a big fan of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and prefers both consoles to the PC experience.

In a new interview with Lex Fridman (thanks, TheGamer), Howard chatted about his "great experience" working with Xbox pre and post-acquisition, and called the Xbox Series X "an incredible machine." Tantalizingly, he also said the developers at Xbox have spent some time teaching him - and presumably Bethesda's developers - how to make the Xbox Series X "really, really dance."

Speaking on Starfield's previously confirmed Xbox exclusivity, he also admitted that the PS5 is "an insane machine" and that Sony did "a great job" on its newest console. 

However, when it comes to PC vs console, Howard suggested that he leans toward consoles these days, despite there being occasions where he prefers PC. "What's my physical mood?" he said. "Do I want to lean back on a sofa? The actual physicality of it determines where I want to play."

Howard added that while there are times he prefers to be "two feet" away from the screen, he usually likes kicking back and playing one of his consoles.

"I am more of a console player because I sit at my PC at work all day," Howard added. "I play a lot of video games, so when I get home, I am a sofa, screen, controller person."

Starfield is scheduled to launch on Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass sometime in the first half of 2023.

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