Bethesda promo gear added to Team Fortress 2

Valve has updated Team Fortress 2's inventory to include five iconic items from Bethesda's most notable properties including Fallout, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Brink, Rage and Quake. The items were added to TF2's growing collection of silly hats and sponsored gear to commemorate the start ofQuakeCon 2011, but have yet – at time of print - to be made available for download.

Up for grabs is Fallout's Pip-Boy and Rage's Wingstick, for the Engineer; Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Tamrielic Relic helmet, for the Heavy; Brink's Anger mask, for the Sniper; and Quake's Original rocket launcher, for the Soldier. The automatic update also fixes a few TF2 bugs, listedhere.

It's unclear how TF2 players will gain access to Bethesda's promotional items, however it's likely that mystery will be solved at some point during QuakeCon.

TF2 recentlybecame free-to-playfor PC and Mac users, and most recently addedWeta weaponstothe gameas part of a Comic-Con promotion. No word yet ifValve will stock the Mann Co. Store with ceremonialBat'lethsforThe 13th Annual Klingon Feastin September, but seriously, how cool would that be?!

Aug 4, 2011

Source:PC Gamer

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