Bethesda looks into Shivering Isles killer bug on 360

Following yesterday's news that there's a killer glitch doing the rounds for Oblivion: Shivering Isles on PC, Bethesda says it's yet to replicate the same problem on Xbox 360.

How a bug that kills your game gets through the testing department remains a mystery, but you can bet someone's head will be on the slab soon.

Yesterday we reported that the bug occurs once Shivering Isles is installed and was linked to a problem with identification numbers, or Form IDs, for in-game objects.

Bethesda's Pete Hines said, "We have verified there is a problem that can happen on the PC and we are still looking into whether it is possible on 360, since we don't have any reported cases on that platform so far and haven't been able to replicate it ourselves on that platform. We're testing a fix for it right now and hope to have it out as soon as possible. When we have more info, we'll let folks know."

It's worth pointing out that Bethesda doesn't recommend you download the unofficial patch that someone has made available. Instead they say you should wait for the official fix.

April 11, 2007