20 best TV shows that got their own movies

1. Star Trek (2009)

The brief didnt sound great at first who was Chris Pine, anyhow? Why was Sylar playing Spock? Could Zoe Saldana play Neytiri and Lieutenant Uhura? Can Simon Pegg do a convincing Scottish accent? The 2009 Star Trek reboot had the power of JJ Abrams behind it, a stellar cast, creepy villain and the type of origin-story plot that fans love. Plus, it featured the late, great Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime.

The second film in the new era of Star Trek: Into Darkness with Benedict Cumberbatch flexing his evil muscles as Khan wasn't quite as good, but we're optimistic about the third instalment, Star Trek Beyond, with Idris Elba in 2016. Overall, we loved the way the characters were given a contemporary twist while remaining true to the spirit of the original TV show. With such iconic characters to contend with, its testament to how good the film is that we dont close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears and go la la la la la. Enough said.

Sarah  Jordan
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