Best rumours ever!

PlayStation 3

It won't come out in Europe until March 2007. Actually, it will arrive this year on date X in month Y. But just one million units will be available. It will cost over %26pound;400. It won't look like the one shown recently, as that was just 'conceptual'.

Sony is staying extremely quiet about PS3, even if nobody else is. Everyone from serious financial analysts to additive-crazed forumites are queuing up to pronounce on some aspect or other.

Pacific Crest Securities, for instance, are predicting a March 2007 launch in Europe, following a November 2006 debut in the US.

That's not that far from what Sony claimed itself in September - spring in Japan, 'later' for the US and very late 2006/early 2007 for Europe. Meanwhile, Credit Suisse First Boston expects a one to two month delay if production of the Cell processor is not stepped up soon.

Certainly, nobody has seen a working, finished machine yet - even the now familiar silver case is likely to change. The (non-working) PS3 at the Computer Entertainment Show's Blu-Ray stand had a prominent sign saying 'conceptual design', and it's certainly lacking in cooling vents for such a powerful machine.

As for the price, the only definitive statement Sony's made is about how it hasn't yet made a statement.

Just shut up and wait. What else can you do?