Best rumours ever!

GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto [insert III, Vice City, San Andreas or Liberty City Stories at random] has a mission where you kill prostitutes after having sex with them.

Obviously, there's no such mission. This isn't stopping various anti-game crusaders and vote-sucking politicians from repeating it ad nauseum, however. And it's further morphing into the belief that you can commit rape. For instance, Indiana senator V I Simpson recently said: "Right now, kids can walk into just about any store and get their hands on a videogame in which they can shoot police officers, use drugs, steal cars, rape women or even assassinate a president."

The assassination is a reference to JFK Reloaded, which was only available on the internet via credit card - which rules out kids - and is now not available at all.

It is possible to 'pick up' and/or kill prostitutes in GTA. It's also possible to drive one to a palatial house in a posh district and leave her, unmolested, for a nice holiday. There's not much in it for the player either way. There is no mission.

Wilfully incorrect poop