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The best Pokemon backpacks 2021 - get ahead of the back-to-school sales

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best Pokemon backpacks
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No self-respecting Pokemon master leaves home without one of the best Pokemon backpacks. Where else would you store all your Poke Balls and Potions? That's why we've braved the long grass to bring you these must-have rucksacks. They'll fit the bill no matter whether you're a trainer-to-be or a student preparing for the back-to-school rush.

One thing to watch out for with the best Pokemon backpacks would be size. Some end up being smaller than they look, so make sure you double-check before hitting the checkout. If you need to carry tech around with you, be sure it has a special sleeve to protect your gear as well - the best laptop backpacks usually do.

No matter what you go for, all of the best Pokemon backpacks listed here will feature the lowest price. Our bargain-hunting software is always on the lookout for a deal, and it's updated regularly to get you a discount. 

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Best Pokemon backpacks - top 4

best Pokemon backpacks

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1. Pikachu 2PCS Kids Cartoon backpack

The best Pokemon backpack for school

Reasons to buy
+Pikachu is front and center+Cool but tasteful design+Free pencil case
Reasons to avoid
-Needs more compartments

Looking for the best Pokemon backpacks ahead of a new school term? This one's a solid choice; besides having enough space for your kid's books and gear, there's also a laptop pocket in which to store any electronic devices they might need for class. The design is straight fire, as well. While it features Pikachu front and center (as is only right), the yellow and gray lightning patterns on a black background make it less garish than a lot of alternatives - always a plus.

The fact that it comes with a free pencil case is another tick in the 'win' column, too. This Pokemon backpack is a complete back-to-school starter set as a result, and that's more than a little handy if you want to cut down on time spent hunting down new kit.

best Pokemon backpacks

(Image credit: CUSALBOY)

2. Cusalboy Luminous Pattern Pikachu backpack

Best Pokemon backpack for college

Reasons to buy
+Loads of storage+Cool design+Sturdy
Reasons to avoid
-Zips could be better

Many of the best Pokemon backpacks are in-your-face blasts of color that aren't what you'd call 'subtle', but this one stands out from the crowd. With a more mature design and functionality to spare, it's a great choice for older fans. Plus, just look at Pikachu in his oversized hoodie and sneakers. We can't cope.

As you may have guessed from the overabundance of straps and zip pockets, there's plenty of space to store all of your stuff securely inside this rucksack. A built-in USB port offers even more utility - throw in a power bank and you'll be able to quickly charge your devices on the go.

UK: This Pokemon backpack looks ever so slightly different in the UK, but it still offers many of the same features and remains a good choice for school, college, or work.   

best Pokemon backpacks

(Image credit: Mojo)

3. Mojo Black Poke Ball Pokemon Tech backpack

The best Pokemon backpack for adults

Reasons to buy
+Classy, subtle design+Faux-leather accents+Padded laptop sleeve
Reasons to avoid
-Could do with more storage

Looking for the best Pokemon backpacks to take with you to work or on the go? This option from Mojo ticks all the right boxes. Besides being more low-key than most other entries on this list, it's got space aplenty thanks to two compartments and a padded laptop or tablet sleeve.

The faux-leather accents and metallic Pokeball badge on the front of the bag give it a classy edge, too; this is a stylish design that some won't realize has anything to do with Pokemon at all.

best Pokemon backpacks

(Image credit: Loungefly)

4. Loungefly Jigglypuff mini backpack

The best premium Pokemon backpack

Reasons to buy
+Gorgeous design+High quality+Excellent build-materials
Reasons to avoid

Want the cutest Pokemon backpack there ever was? It has to be this Jigglypuff offering from Loungefly. The company is well known for its very high-quality rucksacks, and that craftsmanship is on full display here. The stitching and build-materials are excellent.

Yes, it's a fair bit smaller than you might expect - this is a mini backpack rather than a full-size one you'd use for trips. However, it's still got enough room to carry the essentials and will last you a good amount of time.

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