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Best of GR videos: Halocide!

Sometimes GamesRadar goes above and beyond the CoD just to entertain you. Most other times we drastically underestimate how good long ideas take to execute, and end up sacrificing health, sleep and personal play time just to see it through. This was bit of both. Jesus Christ, EvilMidget25 made grenade sensationalized grenade suicide look so goddamned easy!

Surely, GR can make a kick ass Halo suicide video, too? Yeah, but just barely. Halo 3’s Forge mode was not the level editor we thought it was, and that’s probably to its credit. There’s no gird to work with and nothing is an exact science. Everything’s analog as hell, which meant not only moving, pivoting, and scooting things around by fractions of a goddamned degree, the trajectory of the Plasma Grenades chucked into transporters varied wildly should your throws differ by a halfcentimeter. Originally postedJanuary 8th, 2008, our Halocide was one of the most difficult things I've ever done:

Obviously, it’s built for usability and not for showy ritual suicides – but that’s all we wanted to do! There’s no way to really calibrate anything other than trial and error and assuming you do get things lined up, it’s almost impossible to recreate on command. I struggled for hours, somewhere around 36 of them straight to be exact. Finally, at around 4:30am a stranger jumped on and helped my ass big time. Two hours later we had our “Halocide” and by gosh it wasworth all 7 commentsin the article. DrifterZ17, I’ll never forget you!

There was no way any of us were embarking on anymore of these, so we went and asked EvlMidget25 to make one exclusively for us. And wouldn’t you know it, he effortlessly put us to shame. Oh, AND SPELLED OUT OUR NAME WITH GUNS!!!

These were glorious times. Replay editors were new to console users , and we all got to feel like bonafide auteurs simply by manipulating in-game camera angles and speeds. It’s hard to remember now, but almost every Halo video posted on YouTube seemed so damn watchable back then, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from posting the silly stuff as well. Okay, one more!

That’s it,I think.Finding these old vids and assets sent me scouring into our archives, so since we’re posting goofy, ancient Halo stuff, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I didn’t repost one of the funniest shots I’ve ever seen:

Above: Shot THROUGH the dick!

Mar 17, 2011