Best of CheatPlanet May 17th-21st

It’s a big week for gamers, with Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake taking center stage; fortunately CheatPlanet’s got some cheat codes for RDR and a guide for Alan Wake’s collectibles. We’ve also got some codes and unlockables for EA’s Skate 3, which are some of the most bizarre we’ve seen in a long time. Expect a Super Mario Galaxy 2 star guide next week in addition to some Lost Planet 2 and Red Dead Redemption guides!

Red Dead Redemption

Above: Listen guys, I know we're all a little excited right now, but let's take a step back and talk about this.

With gamers abuzz over Rockstar’s latest opus, we’ve tracked down some cheats for you, including free guns, invincibility, free cash and free male enhancement. Okay, maybe not the last one. Check out the codes right here, and get back to taming the Wild West pardner. Note that the game won’t let you save or unlock achievements with these codes activated, so perhaps we should describe them as “Fun codes for letting you mess around but not really cheat, since you can’t actually progress with them activated.” That might be too long though. I’ll run it by my editor and get back to you guys.

Alan Wake

Above: "Oh my God, when I hold my thumb like this it looks like a little mouth!"

360 exclusive Alan Wake faces an uphill battle this week going against Mr. John Marston, but the game’s tense mystery and psychological elements make it a stand out. The game includes an absurd amount of collectible bric-a-brac, which we’ve documented in our very own comprehensive guide. That’s enough Coffee Thermoses, Manuscript Pages, TVs, Radios, Signs and Can Pyramids to stock your local thrift store for years. Achievements here you come!

Skate 3

Above: Backside Ishimura to 180 Plasma Cutter Flip

We’ve also posted the latest cheat codes and unlockable characters for Skate 3, which, bizarrely, allow you to skate around as Isaac from Dead Space and a huge steak. Dali would be so proud.

May 21st, 2010

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