Best Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo Switch accessories
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Whether you only recently got the console, or just fancy giving your setup a makeover, the best Nintendo Switch accessories are beyond essential. Even though it can be a tough sell to shell out yet more cash after buying the machine, they are helpful.

The best example is a carry case. It keeps your system protected from knocks and scratches while you're on the move, or even at home. Meanwhile, SD cards (also known as 'memory cards') offer you more internal storage for games. Because the Switch only gets a meagre 32GB of memory to play with out of the box, having extra space means you won't struggle to find room for new saves. Thanks to the low cost of both, they're some of the most essential Nintendo Switch accessories out there - especially if you can find a discount.

Hard EVA shell

Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case

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Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case

The best case for Nintendo Switch

Orzly takes the kitchen-sink approach to storage; this case will fit the console, multiple Joy-Cons, games, cables, and SD cards inside without any fuss. It’s not too hefty or expensive either. And most importantly? It'll keep the console safe as houses while you're out and about. 

Speaking of which, it can also accommodate a Switch with a separate shell attached for protecting the console while in use. This is surprisingly handy; that way, you don't have to worry about damaging the machine when you take it out during your commute or on vacation.

In short, the Orzly is easily one of the best Nintendo Switch cases on the market right now. There's even a Switch Lite version (see below), so users of the handheld-only console don't have to miss out.

Lite in all ways

Orzly lite

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Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite carry case

The best Nintendo Switch Lite case

The Switch Lite blurs the line between handheld and home consoles, and its portability means you'll need the best case for Nintendo Switch Lite to keep it undamaged. Luckily, Orzly have a model specifically designed to fit your Lite. 

Although you won't manage to get bonus Joy-Cons in there, this case will keep your new console and a few accessories safe on the go. That includes games, earbuds, some of the best Nintendo Switch chargers, and more. 

Because it's so affordable, grabbing one for your console is a no-brainer.

Packed with features

Joy Con

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The best controller for multiplayer

Joy-Cons are the Switch's workhorse controller. Included with the standard console, they can be used alone, in pairs, and on the detachable screen in handheld mode. This versatility makes them perfect for multiplayer sessions - get two pairs and you can share them between four people.

Although there have been issues here and there with the dreaded 'Joy-Con drift' where the left thumbstick goes faulty, they're generally reliable and easy to use. In fact, they give the old Nintendo Wii Remotes a run for their money.

A lot of that is due to their motion control, but it's mostly due to the fact that they're smaller, more comfortable, and provide greater flexibility by having an analogue stick on each side.

For more offers, be sure to check out our page on cheap Nintendo Switch controller deals.


Mumba Hard case

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Mumba Hard case

Best Nintendo Switch protective shell

The Mumba case is a little different to the models listed above; rather than keeping your Switch safe in transit, it's designed to protect it from damage in use. Put this on your console and you won't need to worry about it being knocked about.

Grippy and sturdy in equal measure, the Mumba will make you feel more secure when taking your Switch out with you. Happily, it also fits into the Orzly carry case we mentioned above. Using both results in the perfect double-threat to keep your console safe in use and during travel.

Amiibo functionality

Pro controller

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The best controller for singleplayer games

Sometimes Joy-Cons aren’t enough; sometimes you want something a bit more precise. That's where the official Nintendo Pro Controller comes in. This classically-styled handset has a layout that draws on everything from the Gamecube to Xbox One, and it’s a must-have for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2. It's accurate, comfortable, and reliable.

Don't think it's a cheeky money spinner for Nintendo that you won't get any benefit from, either. Pick one up and you can immediately tell that it's a premium controller. Indeed, it's arguably nicer than the handsets you get on rival consoles.

Sure, you can pick up similar 'pro controllers' for a lot less from other manufacturers (like the generally excellent PowerA). However, you’re better off with the official Nintendo model in our experience. Not only is the build-quality excellent, it boasts Amiibo functionality that third-party alternatives lack.

Fun designs

PowerA controller

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PowerA controller

The best cheap controller for Nintendo Switch

Want a more traditional controller for Switch, but don't want to pay loads for it? No problem - third-party manufacturers like PowerA are here to help. Their wired and wireless pro controllers are of excellent quality and feature motion control to go with their slick design.

Happily, they also come in many different designs. That includes everything from Animal Crossing to Pokemon, so you're bound to find something that suits you in their range. 

The only thing to bear in mind is the fact that they don't have Amiibo functionality. You'll need an official Pro Controller or Joy-Con for that.

Plenty of storage space

SanDisk 128GB MicroSD

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SanDisk 128GB MicroSD

The best Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite SD card

Regardless of the version you have (be it a classic Switch or the new Switch Lite), a drawback to the latest Nintendo console is its limited storage space. You’ll only get 32GB of internal memory out of the box, and this won’t carry you far.

It'll do just fine, to begin with, sure, but games, updates, and DLC take up a lot of memory these days. That’s why SD cards are a must. They'll boost your system’s storage by a long way, and they aren’t too pricey either. 

To get specific, we’d recommend the SanDisk Ultra 128GB card. This is enough for five to ten big games or a load of smaller titles, so it’ll definitely keep you going for a while. We'd say it's one of the best Nintendo Switch SD cards overall.

Lovely, sturdy design

Black Friday gaming headsets

(Image credit: Arctis)

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

The best wireless Nintendo Switch headset

Want the very best Switch headset? The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless should be your first port of call. It's an exceptionally well-built piece of kit with style for days, not to mention superb audio quality to match.

As well as being comfortable for your gaming sessions, it comes with a detachable mic for team chat and the option of a wired connection. That means you can keep playing even if the 20-hour battery runs out.

This charger comes complete with a USB-C cable to hook up to the console, a padding plate, and a mount as well if you'd rather set your Switch screen on a table, this is one of the best Switch chargers available right now.

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