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The best MMO and MMORPG titles to get lost in right now

20. Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Available on: PC

As a space sim MMO, Star Command has naturally drawn a lot of comparisons to the giant in the niche: EVE Online. Those comparisons aren’t necessarily just, however - while Star Conflict does share some very fundamental DNA with EVE, it stands apart by being much more focused on high-tempo, responsive combat. Star Conflict is less spreadsheets and corporate intrigue, and more fast-paced blood baths and massive explosions. 

That said, Star Conflict does boast a robust character progression system and tons of tantalizing loot by way of implants and ship upgrades. Its also a beautiful game, rendering the vastness of space and some fantastic-looking spacecraft in gorgeous detail. When gazing at the lush visuals, you’re likely to forget that its entirely free-to-play. 

19. Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu

Available on: PC

Age of Wushu immediately stands out by virtue of its unique premise: a deep simulation of Chinese martial arts through the lens of classic action films. Age of Wushu is less Bruce Lee and more Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, focusing on spectacular superhuman feats traditionally only possible through the magic of wire-fu. What isn’t immediately apparent from this top line description, however, is the depth and intricacy of some of Age of Wushu’s systems. 

While combat (especially against other players) is obviously a central focus, crafting disciplines like calligraphy offer a nice distraction by way of simple mini-games. Even the activity of your character while you’re offline can have important effects, like improving your skills, or can lead to being kidnapped and ransomed by other players. Age of Wushu is a beautiful rendering of an age and a setting we so rarely get to see in games, one that’s easy to fall into and want to thoroughly explore. With a sequel is in active development, there’s no better way than to whet your appetite than with the charming original. 

18. Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift

Available on: PC

The viral popularity of crafting mechanics is making its way into MMOs with unsurprising alacrity, and one of the best examples of that phenomenon is the skyship building, grapple-hooking swinging delight that is Worlds Adrift.

Yes, that’s right, Worlds Adrift gives you not only your own, fully customizable airship, but also a wonderfully physics-reliant grappling hook by which to find inventive ways to swoop across the landscape of its island shards (and fall ignobly to your death hundreds of times). While it’s still in Early Access, it’s persistent, player shaped world, charming watercolor graphics, and emergent gameplay made it impossible to leave off this list.

17. Skyforge


Available on: PlayStation 4, PC

Why play as a lowly minion in a vast world full of other loot-grinding peers when Skyforge lets you create your own god? You begin your apotheosis as an immortal warrior, gaining loyal worshipers, and ascending to godhood in a technologically-advanced sci-fi world. Yeah, all those words don't usually go together, but stick with us, here. 

Skyforge strives to simplify many of the typical MMO systems, allowing players to change the class of their character at any time, in order to make sure matchmaking goes off without a hitch, and does away with classic level progression. Instead of leveling up, characters grow through a prestige system that determines a player's power level based on general stats. With the changes to the traditional MMO systems, a fascinating sci-fi world, and action-oriented combat, Skyforge offers a nice diversion from other MMOs tedious grind. 

16. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online

Available on: PC

As the granddaddy of fantasy settings, Middle-earth has a storied pedigree and a massive, rabid fan base that must be very intimidating for developers. It’s quite an accomplishment then when a game like Lord of the Rings Online manages to encapsulate that setting in a way that appeals to the most hardcore diehards while also being slick and accessible enough to lure in newcomers. LOTRO has been continually expanded on and updated throughout its existence, including a transition to a free-to-play model. 

On top of genre standards like crafting and questing, players are able to purchase and decorate homes in one of four districts, all of which provide easy access to banking, healers, bards, and other amenities. LOTRO also includes unique modes like Player vs. Monster Player, which allows gamers to step into the shoes of an orc, warg, or other servant of Sauron. LOTROs diversity of gameplay and high level of polish show its roots as a premium MMO, and it continues to pile on fun new content. 

15. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Star Trek Online continues to be one of the most intriguing MMOs around not only because of the strength of its license but also because of the unique and varied gameplay on offer. One part third-person shooter, one part naval simulator in space, STO is a game that will reel you in with its spaceships and aliens but keep you hooked with consistently fun gameplay. 

Fans of the television series and films will find a wealth of familiar elements that manage to be as fun to encounter and explore as they sound. Battling borg cubes, walking the promenade on Deep Space Nine, or beaming down as part of an away team to exotic planets are all great examples of fan service done right in STO. The latest expansion, launching at the end of January, promises new story content around an unexplored sector of the Alpha Quadrant, and a handful of new limited time events and mini-games.

14. ArcheAge


Available on: PC

If you want to lose yourself in a medieval fantasy world in which you can do pretty much anything, ArcheAge is where you want to be. You can be a powerful warrior, wading your way through battles with a giant sword and a group of companions at your back, or you can focus on the economics of the world as you take on the challenges of farming and trade. You can even become a pirate that raids traders and plunders loot. 

ArcheAge also has a huge focus on mounts and travel. Not only can you gallop across it’s massive world astride wild fauna like lions and deer, you can take to the air and sea. Players can call upon everything from rowboats to warships to sail the oceans, and aerial modes of transportation like gliders and airships. Archeage continues to show the dedication (and ample resources) of its developer Trion in its polish and longevity. 

13. New World

New World player with greataxe attacking another player

(Image credit: Amazon Games)

Available on: PC

Amazon Game’s no-subscription New World spent quite a while in the MMO development oven, which in turn saw its complexion morph and evolve over time. Launched proper on September 28, 2021, one of the PC-exclusive (at least for now) MMO-meets-multiplayer survival game’s defining traits is its massive 100-player PvP territory battles, wherein two teams of 50 players fight to plant their flag on specific portions of the map. Unlike other hotkey combination-driven MMOs, New World’s combat is more action-focused, with melee attacks and well-timed dodges key to survival, all of which lends the game a hybrid, multi-genre feel. 

12. Tera


Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Often cited as the pinnacle of action MMOs, Tera continues to provide some of the most responsive and dramatic combat anywhere. Underpinning the excellent, skill-based combat is a diverse batch of races and classes, all with different play styles and abilities. One of the strongest aspects of Teras character creation system is the way that all of the classes are universally compatible with all of the races, leading to a remarkable breadth of interesting combinations. 

A big part of the appeal of Teras trademark combat is how gorgeous it looks, backgrounded by beautiful art and with detailed, attractive models and animations. Tera is a lovely game that, most importantly, looks fantastic in motion, especially when groups of players are pitted against some of the giant monsters lurking in its beautifully rendered environments. 

11. Runescape


Available on: PC

Recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the MMO with the longest play time per player, and easily the oldest game on this list (launching four years ahead of World of Warcraft, way back in 2001), Runescape deserves mention because it's one of the most updated and popular games of any kind on the planet. With over 250 million accounts and fresh life since a non-browser version launched last year, Runescape remains the high water mark for MMO endurance and engagement.

A huge part of its lasting appeal is the open-ended approach it takes to standard RPG questing. Instead of a linear story or a blend of main and side quests, Runescape offers players the freedom to choose their own paths to power and success. And because skills are advanced through use, similar to the approach to progression in the Elder Scrolls franchise, it's possible to build characters who are as laser focused and specialized, or as broadly knowledgeable, as you like.  

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